Feel Good and Look Glam on World AIDS Day!


Mac Cosmetics VIVA Glam with Ricky Martin & Nicki Minaj

This Saturday, instead of going out to the Mall to finish shopping for the holiday season, head over to MAC Cosmetics for the VIVA Glam Collection. Hip-Hop Diva Nicki Minaj and Iconic Pop Star Ricky Martin have joined the ranks of the VIVA Glam lineup to fight HIV/AIDS around the Globe!

The MAC AIDS Fund was launched in 1994 and developed to support people who are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. The MAC AIDS Fund donates to communities that offer services and help to and prevent the HIV/AIDS through educational programs and services. Positive Link, a program of Indiana University Health has been a proud recipient of money from the MAC AIDS Fund.

VIVA Glam started its first campaign with the “Supermodel of the World” & Drag Superstar RuPaul followed by “non-lipstick lesbian” (thier words) KD Lang.  The VIVA Glam lineup is a veritable “who’s who” of entertainment.  From Hip-Hop artists like Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, EVE, R&B songstress Mary J. Blige, Country Music’s Lisa Marie Presley, Famed burlesque performer Dita von Teese, to icons like Boy George, Sir Elton John, Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper.

MAC Cosmetics has agreed to match at 100% all of the sales of the VIVA Glam collection on World AIDS Day!  That two times the money going to the MAC AIDS Fund to help vital programs like Positive Link, a program of Indiana University Health.

So head over to MAC cosmetics and get your lip kissable soft with Ricky’s Lip Conditioner and ready for a night on the town with Nicki’s pink show stopping lipstick.  I am sure there is someone on your list that would love to have a little Glam in their holiday! Oh and buy a little something for yourself!

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World AIDS Day Celebration

The Community AIDS Action Group hosts an annual World AIDS Day ceremony of celebration of remembrance. The event is free and open to the public. This year’s event is on November 29th. The hors d’oeuvres reception begins at 5:30 pm, and the program begins at 6:00 pm. The event will be at the Fountain Square Ballroom at 101 W. Kirkwood Ave

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Spotlight 2012: Every Year

The central Indiana performing arts community comes together once a year, on one stage, to raise money for HIV prevention. And they will continue to do so until HIV/AIDS is ended. For more information, visit http://www.spotlightindy.org

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April 12, 2012 · 1:47 pm

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South Central Community AIDS Action Group 8th Annual Bloomington AIDS Walk

The walk will be held on Saturday, March 31 at Third Street Park. Festivities begin at 11:00am and the walk starts at 12:30pm. You can register at http://www.sexualhealth.indiana.edu/aidswalk

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AIDS Walk recap

It’s been awhile, but the CAAG of South-Central Indiana is still going strong! One of our biggest annual events, Bloomington AIDS Walk, happened in April. With so many different walks for so many different causes, it’s important to remember why AIDS Walk still holds so much significant in our community. We interviewed Larisa Niles-Carnes, a health educator with IU Health’s Positive Link, to get a better understanding of why we walk.

IU Health's Positive Link staff gearing up for the walk

Q: In addition to raising money for HIV/AIDS education and care, what is the importance of having an actual walk?

A: The importance of the walk is to raise awarness about and bring attention to the disease.  People often become complacent about things if they aren’t reminded regularly, and by having a walk, we are able to show that this is still relevant and something that still affects people daily.  It’s also a chance to pay tribute to the lives lost from the disease, but also a chance to celebrate the people who are fighting the disease, to give them support, and to show them that there are people who care about them.

"Even with HIV, I am undefeated."

Q: What kind of people and organizations were represented at the event?

A: We had the largest turn out in years, despite the cold weather.  We had a variety of students, community organizations, and supporters show up for the walk.  The Monroe County Health Department, Planned Parenthood of Indiana, IU Health’s Positive Link, Illumenate, IUSA, and the Marion County Health Department were the organizations represented.  Anyone is welcome to come, whether you know someone who has been affected by HIV or you just believe in supporting education and prevention of the deadly disease.

Walking up Kirkwood Ave.

Walking up Kirkwood Ave.

Q: For the readers familiar with Bloomington, can you tell us about the walk route?

A: Our walk started at Dunn Meadow, up to the Sample Gates, down to College Avenue, down Seventh Street to Showalter Fountain, and then back to Dunn Meadow.  I think it’s a great route because we are able to walk down Kirkwood, past people eating outside, and past the library where people stand. There were a lot of students outside that morning, so it was a chance to speak to them as we were walking.  This year, the clients and some Positive Link staff made signs that were very well received. It was an opportunity to show why we were walking and to answer questions.

Walkers hold the AIDS Walk sign at Showalter Fountain on IU's campus.

Q: For those who have never attended an AIDS Walk, can you give us 3 reasons why they should consider attending next year?


  1. To support members in the community that are infected.  The disease has so much stigma associated with the disease, so it’s nice for clients to see that people do support them and are there to help fight the disease with them.
  2. To raise awareness that the disease is still prevalent.  It may not be considered a death disease anymore, but there are still many hurdles that someone with HIV might face. To have the awareness in the community, it might help influence individuals to practice safer behaviors.
  3. To raise money.  Money raised at the walk directly helps patients and provides resources to reduce the incidence and prevalence of this disease.  This is extremely important now as the funding for prevention is being cut more and more each year.

Thanks, Larisa, for all of your thoughts and information! If you have any questions about the AIDS Walk or any other HIV/AIDS-related programming and education in south-central Indiana, don’t hesitate to contact us at communityaidsactiongroup@gmail.com.

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The photo that brought AIDS home

In honor of World AIDS Day, CNN Health featured a slideshow of photos that held great significance for the history of AIDS in America. The featured photo was of AIDS victim David Kirby in his final moments, surrounded by family.

The photo was taken in November of 1990 by Therese Frare, who was a graduate student at the time.

While photos such as this one are often difficult to see, it is important to represent the history of HIV/AIDS through many mediums. This photo helped bring compassion and understanding to the AIDS epidemic during a time when people with AIDS were stigmatized and even ignored.

To view the entire slideshow, visit CNN Health.

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